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Summary: An epilogue. What happened after the last episode, and how the adventure of life went on for most of them.
Rating: PG.
Pairings: Nothing non-canon.

Author's note: In canon supplemental information, true mark bearers cannot sleep. Except for the King, the Maidens and the True Galactic Pretty Boy (Takuto).

Also, [ profile] rhea314 has created a wonderful podfic for this story, which can be found here!

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Sugata's sprawled on his gigantic bed, fast asleep. He's dressed in a deep purple robe, tied loosely at the waist. The bow looks like it was tied just so it could be undone, like it would fall apart at the slightest breath.
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Summary: Takuto goes to a buffet with Wako and Sugata, and valiantly struggles with his math homework. (Set after Episode 8.)
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She isn't wearing anything.

She's used to being nude, but not in this context. This is the opposite of a purification ceremony - she's standing barefoot, arms spread out, ready to be tamed.
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