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Summary: In which Shinra wears rabbit ears, Shizuo explores sexual dominance, and Celty is a voyeur. (Pet-play. Shinra/Celty/Shizuo.)

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Shizuo's in a cinema showing a godawful movie about aliens, and Celty is sandwiched between him and Shinra.

This is a departure from the normal, as it's usually just Shinra that invites Shizuo along to movies, but it's one of Celty's rare free afternoons, and tickets are cheap for matinees. Which is good, because Shizuo is perpetually cash-strapped.
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Bring on the big guitars
You've got a prophet's name.
- "Gareth Brown Says", McLusky


Izaya first finds out what his name means thanks to a school project. Their Japanese teacher has decided to make his lessons more applicable to his students' lives, and assigns them the homework of finding out what their name means, and telling the whole class the next day.
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"RAAAAAAARRRGHHHH." Shizuo was clearly beyond rational thought, and was ready to hurl the swiveling chair out of the window.

With Izaya on it.

While Izaya loved the chair, she also loved living, and she gracefully vaulted out of the chair just as it crashed through the window. She pulled out her switchblade, but hid it behind her back, posing in a way that accentuated her ample chest. She tossed her head so that her fringe fell in her eyes and put her hands behind her back, looking as girlish and innocent as Orihara Izaya could look.

"Let's talk this over, Shizu-chan!" She chirped happily. "Good relationships depend on compromise and communication!"
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This halo round my neck
Has torn out every stitch.
- "A Song for the Deaf", Queens of the Stone Age


Harima Mika is sixteen, and going to start high school, and hopelessly in love with Yagiri Seiji. She loves pink, she's a bit of a stalker, and she's been in true love at least ten times.

As her head hits the wall, she thinks this might be the last.
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[Come to my apartment. Need help with special situation. Will pay you overtime. Be prepared to stay overnight. No sex is involved, Namie, don't get your hopes up~~! Also, cancel all my appointments until Wednesday, thanks~~!]


Namie walked into Izaya's apartment. He was wearing a long, red version of his usual coat, with pink fluffy trim around the collar, wrists and hem. He also seemed to have neglected his usual wearing of pants.
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Izaya loves humanity. As a consequence, he's dedicated to its survival.

Only people who value life should live, lest they infect others.

He browses suicide forums at night, and feels sad. It's not caused by pity, but the fact that people like that can exist on his earth and take away his enjoyment just by being there - that's just saddening.

He doesn't think of what he does as cruel. If they were determined enough to live, they would do so. He's pruning the weeds.

He's just honing his skills, so he can try it on someone who actually matters.
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[Setton] My friend wants to cook for her...male friend, but she has no sense of taste.
[Setton] What should she do?
[Kanra] Uwaaaaa~ Setton has friends who aren't us? How surprising!
[Tanaka Taro] Maybe she could try curry? It's pretty easy to make.

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Summary: Alley sex. Izaya wants Shizuo, Shizuo wants Izaya dead. Izaya also wants to call Shizuo by inappropriate nicknames without Shizuo trying to kill him, but we can't always get what we want. Or can we?

Izaya's been running slower than usual, which is fucking fantastic, because that means that he won't be able to avoid the vending machine if he goes into the alley.
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Note: I've only watched the anime. Also, for people who don't watch Bleach - soul-cutting swords in Bleach have two levels. The first is shikai, where the sword user learns the sword's name and unlocks a special ability. The level after this is bankai.

Erika neatly stacks the books in a bag after Walker wipes away the blood from the dustcovers.
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