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This is the letter to my author for the [ profile] parallelsfic fic exchange. My requested fandoms are Dangan-Ronpa, Star Driver, Gintama, and Un-Go.

Hi! Thank you for looking at this post, and I hope you can take some of my preferences into consideration while writing! Honestly, I'm really grateful that someone is writing for these fandoms, so thank you.

General details:

I'm fine with fic of any length. I'm fine with friendship-fic, gen, romance, PWP, or anything in between. Any rating goes, really.

I love in-character banter and missing scenes. I have a soft spot for character studies, slice-of-life, and friendship fic. Plotty stuff is great too!

I prefer canon settings.

Angst and character injury are all right, but I would like a fic without an unhappy end or character death.

The kinks that I don't want in the fic are necrophilia and scat.


1. Dangan-Ronpa (Aoi Asahina, Oogami Sakura)

I'm reading the Let's Play for this, and I enjoy Aoi and Sakura's muscle-bound friendship and Sakura's protectiveness of Aoi. I'd like to receive a story with a friendship or romantic relationship between the two characters.

2. Star Driver (Wako, Takuto, Sugata)

I'd like to receive a happy story which includes a friendship or romantic relationship between all of these three characters. During canon or post-canon is fine by me. I love the camaraderie between them, so please, no love triangles. If you don't want to write that, a friendship fic between any two of these three characters would be great too!

3. Gintama (Okita, Hijikata)

The murderous rivalry/occasional friendship that Okita has with Hijikata has always fascinated me, and I'd like to receive a story regarding this. Pairing-fic or smut is totally okay with me, as long as Okita retains his sadistic nature.

4. Un-Go (Inga, Shinjuurou)

I'd like to receive a story regarding the relationship between Inga and Shinjuurou - I love the alternating power dynamics in their relationship depending on Inga's form. I don't have any specific suggestions - slice of life or case-fic would be nice, and smut is fine by me if you want to write it. I've watched Episode 0: Inga-ron, so spoilers for that are all right.

Anyway, I hope this helped! Thank you for reading this, and I hope you have fun writing!


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